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Latest Message: 5 years, 4 months ago
  • MVPI : looking for "prayers" or sayings to help people who want to take back their homes or businesses. Anything you used that worked??
  • MVPI : Our email got hacked or something and i lost all the emails in it. if the woman who needed an investigation would please email again with a phone number we will call you!!
  • MVPI : ok...you guys tell me... do we stick with JAT and deal with noise and people or we could use Ventura's I'm sure. give me feedback. we really need a meeting!!!
  • MVPI : I am still on the hunt for a place to host our meetings... not as easy as it sounds, I'm afraid...
  • MVPI : you can find us on Facebook and Myspace also
  • MVPI : I'm looking for a bigger place to meet (that still has food of course!) i will post when we are scheduled!
  • MVPI : Great meeting! some deep conversation! Thanks!
  • MVPI : I have loved the mansion every since moving here! The owner will not let us in though. he wants no parts of its "secrets" getting out. i just want to find the graves more than anything.
  • MVPI : we would love to hear stories of the mansion!! and the cemetary is in a field just off rt 40 behind the ford dealership. a friend bought the land and discovered the cemetary!
  • mike : I just saw the old mansion the picture of the old mansion in daisytown.My mom worked there for the old couple that owned it back in the 30's and 40's. She use to tell me about the old man who would go out into the back field and have little encounters with local woman who were not his wife.My momwas also there the day the old lady died in the house.She still remembers to this day that night because she said it was a terrible stormy night. (and my mom does'nt believe in the paranormal) It's funny

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Mon Valley Paranormal Inquiry is made up of several people who came together with a common interest in the paranormal.  We assist folks in the Mon Valley (PA) area who have lingering questions, issues, or problems that they believe may be paranormal.


We are always on the hunt for answers to the burning questions of the paranormal.  We believe in keeping an open mind to anything while also understanding that the laws of nature cause many things to happen. 


We meet every first Thursday of the month to discuss different paranormal topics and possibly get out for an investigation.  These meetings are open to anyone.  Locations change so please contact us ahead if you would like to join us. 


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